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I lost 58 pounds and got my life back!
Candace Richter

Candace Richter
Admin. Assistant and Grandma

Hi. My name is Candace Richter, I lost 58 pounds total with hypnotism. 40 pounds in five short months. i went from a bulky size 16 to a size 4 and it feels GREAT!

I tried dieting, nothing lasted, even my big clothes were too tight, WOW did I feel sorry for myself, maybe your there too.

If you’re overweight, my hope is to inspire you to get the help you need. Look at me now, I have kept it off for over 7 years. It really is possible!


Clients Results

“i have seen a transformation, I am losing the weight and gaining confidence in myself. I am eating right, exercising (which I used to hate and now love), and feeling good about myself. I always felt overwhelmed dieting, always thinking about what I could or couldn’t eat. This has been so effortless.”

Patricia W. Freedom, WI

“I was wearing a size 26 pant and 3X tops. I had a hard time keeping up. Then one day I found an Ad for hypnosis, I had tried

everything else. I signed up right away and felt there was still hope for me. I started seeing the weight come off, it was easy. I was down 50 lbs. NOW its been a few years since I had come in and I am happy to report, I have lost around 112 lbs and it is so much fun shopping for a size 10-12 instead of my old size 26 & 3X!”

BJ F, De Pere, WI

“After being in the program for approx. 4 months I have gone down 4 pant sizes! What and awesome feeling. I have also been able to sleep through the night, which I was never able to do in the past. Its done wonders for me. If I can succeed so can you.”

Connie W. Green Bay, WI

“After 7 weeks I lost 9 inches!! All without the stress of being on a diet. I don’t feel

deprived, just more relaxed in all areas of my life.”

Laura P. Appleton, WI

We have 100′s more like this

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The Hypnosis Weight Loss Solution. 


Maybe you are one of the people who has tried to lose weight with the best intentions only to find you have failed again and again. You feel like you don’t have control and you can’t do this on your own. Maybe you have tried so many times you don’t even know where to start?

AT LAST, now you have a new way to get comfortable about losing weight safely. Your hypnosis weight loss program gives you hypnosis methods that we believe are the best for you. This is 100% about you and your success.

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It’s simple, in 30-40 minutes we will determine if hypnosis is right for you and if you can be accepted as a client, we also have a WRITTEN SERVICE GUARANTEE! So why not call today and find out for yourself?


Even though you may have not been hypnotized before, Hypnosis is becoming more and more “mainstream”. It’s amazing how many sources are talking about the effectiveness of hypnosis. From Fox news to Dr. Oz, Hypnosis is being noticed as a safe alternative for

weight loss!

What if you could have success in an easy and relaxed way?

  • NO diets
  • NO prepared food
  • NO rigid exercise plan
  • NO weighing on a scale for at least 6 weeks
  • NO counting calories/fat/carbs/crumbs



We offer a Written Service Guarantee. So you can relax. We’re confident that if you use our Weight Loss Hypnosis program, you can join the thousands of successful clients who have lost weight and KEPT IT OFF! We understand you might be skeptical. You’ve already tried lots of other things that haven’t worked. You don’t want to get your hopes up again… so, if for any reason you still need support at the end of your program, we will provide FREE sessions at the client’s request (1 per month) until you get what you came for. How could you go wrong?
From Fox news to Dr. Oz, Hypnosis is being noticed as a safe alternative for weight loss!

Dr. Oz speaks about Hypnosis for weight loss. Watch these videos!

Dr Oz


Hypnosis For Weightloss, Pt 1.

Hypnosis For Weightloss, Pt 2.

Hypnosis For Weightloss, Pt 3.

Hypnosis For Weightloss, Pt 4.


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